Monday, January 7, 2008

Cilantro crusted Salmon with Spinach-Cheese Ravioli

This weeknight dinner is made under 30 minutes and is delicious, healthy.

What we need to make this:
2 servings Salmon (I asked the fish monger to cut me two one-serving pieces)
4 teaspoons dry cilantro
Salt and fresh ground pepper to coat the fish
2 tsp turmeric powder (optional)

Extra-Virgin olive oil
1 package refrigerated ravioli (any vegetable kind will do. I used Spinach-Cheese filled ones)
Any pesto that suits taste. I used my Cilantro Pesto: 3-4 fistfuls fresh cilantro, 1 green chili, a teaspoon of toasted pine nuts, a fistful grated Parmesan cheese, one clove garlic, salt, and some olive oil -- grind coarsely in a food processor or in a mortar and pestle.

How to make:
-Clean Salmon, pat dry. I removed the skin as the non-veg eater in the house does not like it. -Rub turmeric powder on both sides. I do this in order to 'clean' the fish.
-Rub in salt and pepper on both sides. sprinkle dry cilantro on one side, rub well.
-Heat 2 tablespoons olive oil in a skillet on medium heat. Place the fish with cilantro coated side down. Do not disturb the fish pieces for next 4 minutes and turn carefully. Cook for 3-4 minutes on this side.
-Meanwhile, cook the ravioli according to the directions on the package.
-Remove ravioli and some ravioli water (in which the ravioli was cooked) into a mixing bowl.
-Add the pesto and a teaspoon of extra-virgin olive oil. Mix gently.
-Serve each of the Salmon pieces over 5-6 pieces of ravioli


Nags said...

that surely is a lovely pic and i love the sound of that recipe :)

Asha said...

Love to eat that Junnu again!:)

Love Salmon although I don't like most fish dishes, looks great. Happy new year Vani!:)

Happy cook said...

Salmon looks delicious.
I love salmon

Swaroopa said...

cool recipe!! will give it a try...happy new yr, dear.

vimmi said...

Salmon looks great. I just got the chicken cheese ravioli from costco, so that will be on dinner this week.

KayKat said...

This looks delicious! I love the idea of using cilantro to season the salmon crust, can't wait to try it :)