Wednesday, June 13, 2007

New member in kitchen

Small Bamboo Steamer
Bamboo steamer- available in most of oriental grocery stores. This one is almost $6 from Hong Kong Market in Houston.

Steaming is ideal way to cook delicate foods like greens, fish. It brings out the flavor to fullest without much loss of nutrients. Try steaming your favorite greens next time rather than sauteing or frying; add seasoning at the end. Let me know how you like it.
If you don't have a steamer, pour some water in a wide vessel which has two handles, tie a cheesecloth around its mouth. place greens or the food you want to steam on the cloth, cover with a dome shaped lid. This is in fact, how our ancestors steamed their food before the fancy steamers made their way.


Suganya said...

I have heard that it is not easy cleaning them. Is that true?

Sandeepa said...

Those look so good.

Suganya, is that so ?

Can anyone please clarify ? Should i buy them if I see them or not ?

anusharaji said...

hey guess what
i bought it last week
to be frank its not hard cleaning it. (its bit of work for first time) but then its cool.
what say vani?

Vani said...

anusharaji, you are right...its not that difficult cleaning it. Thing is, you should be careful not using any soap.
Suganya, Bamboo supposed to be antibacterial. All I do is, clean it with warm water. If cooking non-veg items like fish, chicken or any meat, lining with banana leaf would help. The flavor of foods that come out of this is much better than the ones from metal utensils. :-)
Sandeepa, hope this helps you deciding :-)