Sunday, September 16, 2007

Namaste from India

I've come to India after two years for a visit. So far, enjoying my time here. Will post as time permits.


Asha said...

Namaskara Vani, have a great time!:)

Pooja V said...

Have a great time thr.

Anonymous said...

Hi Vani

Ths is my first time here and I absolutely love it...n I totally agree wth u abt saving our environment...have a gud time in India


Indira said...

Vani, hope you are having wonderful time in India.

Yasin and Sadhika mailed us the parcel. I have been using the masala for everything. We both love the taste of goda masala. Thanks very much Vani!

Vani said...

Thank you all, I did have good time.
Indira, glad you like the Goda Masala. I adore that masala. :-)