Thursday, May 24, 2007

Mango - Papaya Smoothie

I love summer for its fruits. So many of my favorite fruits are summer fruits. There the king of fruits, mango, jack-fruit, berries.... Summers back in India are even fun. I miss those good old summer holidays during my childhood. Play until noon, take a nap, eat lots of mangoes and taatimunjelu (toddy palm), drink coconut water, get back to play. What a divine schedule....
And the best is, ending the day and summer heat with curd rice mixed with plenty of mango pulp. All these things make me wishing to go back to my childhood.

This is a refreshing smoothie made with ripe mango and papaya, with a hint of nutmeg.

What you need to make this smoothie:
1/2 medium sized of ripe papaya
one ripe mango
a small pinch of nutmeg powder
2-3 tbsp honey (local is best)
1/4 cup plain or mango yogurt
fistful of ice cubes
1/4 - 1/2 cup apple or cranberry juice

Prep Work:
Peel papaya, de-seed and cut into bite-sized pieces
Slice mango into three slices, starting from next to the pit on either side. Two would have ripe flesh and the third one will have the seed. Score the fleshy slices into squares with skin intact, run a spoon along the skin to take out the cubes. Peel the seeded slice, scrape any flesh that is attached to the seed.

Place all ingredients in a blender except for the juice, blend to a smooth paste by adding the juice little by little. This serves 2-3 persons. Enjoy!

This is my contribution for WBB - 11

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Kajal said...

Nice photo with new combination...I like this in hot summar day.:)