Saturday, June 21, 2008

RCI: Andhra Festival Foods

First and foremost, a big apology for starting this event so late. I have completely forgotten when June has started and its time for me to host until Asha has reminded me...Thanks Asha!

RCI - Regional Cuisines of India is brainchild of Lakshmi of Veggie Cuisine and this month's feature is Andhra Festival Foods, and I the lucky one got to host it :-)

When I was a kid back home in India, I actually looked forward for the quarterly and half-yearly exams, not just because I loved taking tests, but the actual reason was that soon after quarterly, there were Dasara holidays and soon after half-yearly, there were Sankranthi Holidays. On the last day of tests, my sister and I would literally run home and pickup our packed bags and haste to my grandparents' village. We would meet our friends at village, some still very much native there, some like us are kids whose parents have migrated to nearby town.

Meeting friends, catching up on all current affairs and kiddie gossip in the village, pampered by grandparents, new dresses, lots of mouthwatering dishes, are worth the entire wait...

The pictures are still vivid in my memory... the Dasara processions, Sankranti Rangoli, Deepavali (Diwali) lights, Atla-thaddi swings are all very dear memories for me.

On this occasion of RCI event, I invite you all to post your memories and foods associated with Andhra Festivals.

Since I have started the event late, I hope to buy all of us some time. Here are the rules of participation:
  1. Write a post about Andhra Festival foods on your blog by July 15th.
  2. email me at with RCI:Andhra Festival Foods in the subject and with the following details:
    • Festival Name,
    • Recipe Name,
    • Blog Name,
    • Permalink to the post
  3. Please mention RCI in your post.
I will do a roundup by July 20th.
See ya'all with nostalgic memories and delicious festival foods...


Asha said...

You are welcome Vani. I thought you forgot too, gave you a push, hope you didn't mind!
I was wrapping up to take a blog break in few weeks, wanted to post for you before I go!:))
I will post this week, have a wonderful weekend, see you later.

maninas said...

yeay! glad to see you're back, and especially that RCI Andhra Festival Foods is on track! Thank you! :D

Raaga said...

I will definitely participate :-)

Siri said...

Lovely theme Vani. Being an Andhraite, this brings heaps of sweet memories of my childhood!

Count me in!


Trupti said...

Nice theme Vani

Mona said...

Thats an interesting theme!

rekhas kitchen said...

Good choice vani Iam in.Thanks for the event to day Iam going to post one please check it out thank u

easycrafts said...

I sent u my entry of chandrakantalu...hope u got it

Lubna Karim said...

I like the name of your blog, "Batasari" really a nice one.